Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, I know I said previously that I wasn't going to find a substitute for Diet Coke, but I did. I started drinking Fortune Delight. I had it in the cupboard, because Eva Jane has wanted me to eat healthier for years, but I never could do it. So anyway, the Sunday after the Thursday of my new life I was at work and told Matt that I had had some Fortune Delight and it seemed to help my headache. He said that is had helped him because it helped with energy. I don't know if that's what did it for me, but it did help my headache. It could have been that it had been 4 days, and it was time my headache went away anyway. .............but anyway, I really like the stuff. I only have 2 packets a day, and sweeten it with "Stevia", but it's a nice change. I think I only drank D.C. because I was thirsty, and this stuff is really satisfying.

Well it's been 2 weeks tomorrow, and I worked 2 day shifts, and haven't crashed yet. It's funny, as long as I'm not thirsty, I'm OK. I even took water to the ball games, and was able to resist Monette tempting me with an Ice cold Diet Pepsi. She's the devil............

Well now that I have one of my "goals" on the go, I better go back to the list and start working on #2.
As I look back and read this I must say it's a good thing I don't drink, or gamble etc. I have a bit of an addictive personality I think................Oh well, I'll keep trying.
Thanks for joining my on my journey.

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